Scarlett Carson is a fashion design company that creates unique handbags and jewelry employing the talents and skills of disadvantaged women. Dedicated to training and employing women in recovery, the company builds self-confidence — teaching women sewing skills, jewelry making, and design.

A Scarlett Carson woman is in a recovery program and has made the commitment to stay clean and sober. Each woman dedicates herself to learning how to sew and design handbags and jewelry. Often, after completing recovery, it is difficult to find employment given a poor work history or criminal record. A Scarlett Carson woman gains the skills and self-confidence necessary to create a new life, to find meaningful work, and to support herself, her family, and her community.

The name of the company, Scarlett Carson, is a nod to Scarlett O’Hara. In Gone With the Wind, Scarlett used green curtains to sew herself a dress to impress Rhett Butler. Each bag in the Scarlett Carson permanent collection is named after a character or place in the book.